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But a little more about me…..

Not that you couldn’t live without the details, but since you are here and I got you captive…

The idea for this blog and / or a website For Women Like Us has been in the back of of my mind and growing since a year or so. I can’t say that anything happened that was an “aha” moment or anything else world shaking. I just noticed more and more that there really was no forum for ME. For women like me.

There are the singles sites for people looking for a new partner.

I dedicated 2006 to that. While it was certainly interesting, it didn’t take. Still single. And happy with that. You might think, yeah, she’s resigned herself to singledom and is making the best of it. Truth in that too. But I am at peace again.

After my husband departed into the sunset I did the expected thing, I went looking for a new knight in shining armor. What I found mostly were men who didn’t even have a horse to ride in on. I also noticed how I harbored a steady undercurrent of disappointment. I went to perfectly good parties / events and came home disappointed: didn’t meet the man of my dreams. So I stopped looking, and for half a dozen years I lived in peace and enjoyed myself.

I don’t know why exactly I thought I should start looking again. But for one thing, I had been single long enough to know any relationship would not be a rebound affair. I decided to give the partner search a year: 2006. And you already know how that went.

Then there are chat rooms and message boards and all kind of social networking sites. Maybe I just don’t know how to find the right place, but no, I don’t care one bit about your sex life, what you made for dinner or how your hair turned out today. I’m busting chops here to make ends meet. Talk about something that makes my or your life easier / better. Give me an idea for a solution. Did you appeal your property tax increase with the county assessor. How did that go?

I like product reviews. Amazon is fantastic for that. People tell you the truth about that book, the blender or the face cream. How about a site for solutions to the daily grind.

Just thinking out loud here.

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