Bad Weather

This weather calls for Plan B:
Change into warm and fuzzy clothes, make hot tea, watch movie.
Do outdoor activities later, tomorrow, whenever…


It’s cold! And the puppy ate the tassels off my chenille blanket. How am I ever going to make it through the winter?!


Here I’m sitting scrolling through facebook ….9 dogs looking on expectantly … dozens of chickens waiting … But it’s dry in here – and it rains out there!


The storm behind Irma has an 80% chance to become a hurricane.
If we make it through this season unscathed, I will be thanking assorted deities.


My laundry is warmer than I am.
I think I will crawl into my dryer, shut the door and call it a day.


I got chickens to feed, chores to do.
And there is this drizzly, pizzly rain that makes me want to stay inside!


I am debating which is the better investment— An Ark or Scuba Gear?


Dear weather, you are raining on my sunshine plans!


Buckets. It’s raining buckets.


If I had one wish that would come true and the choices were something lofty like World Peace vs simply Rain, I would pick Rain. Buckets of rain.


I promised during the dry season of 2012 that I never would complain about rain again. And I am not complaining. But if it wanted to stop raining for a day, I would not complain either.


How to make it stop raining 101:
You look out the windows, peruse various weather forecasts, and then decide to give the gardener a vacation day.
In a mere half an hour, things will start to dry up.


Weather keeps going like this I will shortly be able to set my fish free.
Time to ask Noah if he’s hiring a crew.


(And in the Dry Season…)
Rain! A whole minute’s worth!


Oh good.
It’s raining.
I was beginning to worry about where I would get the mud from for my floors.


I can usually see the rain coming in from the bush, giving me a good 10 minutes warning. But today I got caught in the middle of feeding by a downpour out of nowhere. Got soaked to the bone.
Ready for the spin cycle.


This is one of those days where I strip down to underwear, put on the rain poncho, and hope I don’t slip in the chicken sh*#t and break my neck while feeding.


I got stacks of freshly laundered winter clothes. Got my warm jammies and socks out. Got the winter comforter on the bed. Bring it on! Who says I can’t handle 65 degree weather.


Woohoo! We’ve got water! And lots of it! And no rain in sight!
I feel laundry coming on.
Of course all of the Hillview neighborhood will feel that way. By 7am I will be dry as bone again here on top of the hill with every washing machine downhill sucking all the water.
So I am doing my first load now at 5am.
And as a friendly neighborhood service I have removed ALL the air in the water line. You are welcome, Hillview neighbors.


This weather today is hell-bent on proving that – Yes, it CAN get more dismal!


I just cleaned and dried all the dog/puppy carriers for Saturday and stacked them on the picnic table.
It is raining.
You are welcome.


Just as soon as I lugged all the carriers under cover, it stopped. Sorry.


4pm. 106 degrees in the shade
If tomorrow is as hot as today I’m gonna smarten up and do as my dogs do:
Sleep the heat of the day away in my concrete basement.
Don’t be looking for me between 10am and 4pm


Car washed, laundry hung.
That’s as rain-dancy as it gets around here.

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