Some days one just does not need a cup of coffee to wake up. The scorpion dropping into the tub with me from my washrag woke me right up.


Did mention how much I dislike scorpions?
Shook out a dress and it had two in it. One nailed me.
Unfortunately I had just taken a boat load of ibuprofen for a migraine. Now I have a nasty case of tingling mouth, a throbbing finger and the aforementioned migraine.


After initially having no reaction other than pain, over time and countless scorpion stings, I have developed a pretty hefty reaction.
Tingling mouth and numbness and general malaise.
With medical advice I put together an emergency kit: 50mg Benadryl, 50mg Prednisone, 500ml Zantac.
Within a half hour of taking this cocktail I feel almost normal.


I look at some of these scorpions and I am thinking – those claws got a fair bit of meat in them. Not that much different looking from a little lobster.
Hors d’oeuvres, maybe?


No. It’s not the same one from this morning.
I ALWAYS check the shower and shower curtain before stepping in.
Well. The coast was clear.
I stepped in, turned on the water and something comes running up my leg.
Yes, ordinary people can levitate given the right incentive.


ok, I give up.
Right on the finger that got burned the worst, a scorpion nailed me.


Well it went from bad to worse. 6 hours after the scorpion sting I woke up in a sweat, and when I got up I realized I could barely stand. Weak, watery knees, pulse in orbit, blood pressure up.
Hospital time.
My good neighbor Derrick drove me to Loma Luz where I spent the night. Got some meds that lowered the heart rate.
I’m still tingly and have numb lips but otherwise I’m fine.
This has converted me – I shall spray the place down with every toxin known to man that kills scorpions.
Apparently one of us has to go, and it’s not going to be me.


Look who showed up in my bed last night!
Felt something on my leg, brushed it off and in that instant realized what it was.
Levitated out of bed, got a jar, got him into it, and drowned him.
Yeah, I know, I hear you already…
Should have taken the jar a half mile down the road in the dead of night, in the rain, and set him free… Well, that ain’t happening.
If I see one in the house, it dies.
End of story.

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