Habit forming

Fall 2015


Write 500 words every day. It will become a habit and next thing you know you are a writer.

They say.

I have no idea how long 500 words are. So here goes. I write till i am all done and then do a word count. Tomorrow I do the same and so on. I shall report back when I feel a habit coming on.

Strange that some things catch on and others don’t. Like exercising, it never caught with me, even after diligent pursuit for a month straight. Walking on the other hand became a need.

Maybe it has to do with what goes on in your mind while you do whatever it is you are trying to do regularly. With exercise, no matter what type, I always feel a klutz. I have no coordination. Hence it remains a chore to do simple routines. I am frustrated most of the time.

Walking on the other hand clears the mind. The rhythm of my steps produces a calm in my brain that allows me to look at my life clearly. Assess where I am at in relations to where I want to be. And then I devise steps to get there.

I very much miss my walks in the Granite Dells in Arizona. It was so nice to be able to walk right out the door and keep walking for however long I wanted. Here in Belize there is no good walking that I have discovered. The lonesome roads are not advisable, even with a big dog, if you plan on being safe. Can’t walk straight from my house because the neighborhoods here are full of dogs on the loose. That only works if I walk without a dog. Which bring me back to being safe …

(This story really falls into the “At first write anything ….” category. Dull as dishwater)

What I really would like though is to get into the HABIT of writing. I write. When the mood strikes. And that is not near as often as I would like. Life has a way of getting in the way. It’s always something. Some chores, some errands, some emergencies that divert me from Creativity. But if I only write when I feel Creative, I am out of luck with A) it becoming a habit and B) my ever producing enough material to be even considered a Writer. Never mind an interesting writer. Or more to the point, my writing being interesting. It’s not about me. Nice if you find me interesting, but I’m not looking for a personal fan club. I want to give people something to think about, laugh about, cry about. In short, convey feelings, create feelings.

I have so much in me that wants out. Beauty that wants to be created in pictures. Stories that want to be told.

So here is the start of my new habit. 500 words a day. Or a few short for today. Better a few short than blathering on about nothing.

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