2016 Elections

Summer 2016

I am not posting this on Facebook since a fair amount of my fellow immigrants to Belize are “conservative”. In other words, they will vote Trump.

And half of my in-laws also support the man.

Since I’m going to be honest here, they would feel pretty insulted. Belize is too small of a country to alienate people. My in-laws can’t help it.

I have thought long and hard about my vote and decided to write in Bernie Sanders.

I had said I would vote for Clinton if she won the nomination fair and square. She didn’t and I won’t support her.

I am aware that my vote and votes like mine will cause Trump to become president. So the thing to do would be to hold one’s nose and vote for Clinton to avoid Trump.

In my opinion that would just stall the inevitable for another 4 years, and then we would be right back at this crossroad.

There has been an ugly boil festering in the American psyche. It has gradually come to the surface over the last 8 years. There is no pushing it back down, there is no healing it with soothing poultices. It needs to be allowed to erupt in all its gory disgusting putrid mess.

The boil of racism, misogyny, narcissism, xenophobia, crass materialism and vulgarity is speaking directly to our lizard selves and has rendered the unthinkable sayable.

This boil needs to be allowed to burst open all the way and drain all the ugliness out. There will quite possibly massive tissue damage. There will for sure be a deep crater in the American psyche. But it is the only way to start the healing process.

Germany went through this and it was an ugly abhorrent process. The healing took decades. But the memory of that eruption and what people are capable of doing has kept the country sane for ¾ of a century now.

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